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Welcome to Provectus!

Beau GM posted Aug 12, 16

Provectus is a Hardcore mastery mode raiding guild  on The Harbinger. We are currently recruiting for new SWTOR ops. If you care to join us please see that your spec is desired. We will be keeping the board up to date. We welcome anyone who thinks they could do a better job than another even if their class is not desired. Good numbers, great ability, and feverish desire are all king here. 

We are currently NOT recruiting. We will look at any excellent app, but we are not currently recruiting more players.

Ninerfett OffProvectus Group 1 Veteran Mode Tyth Kill on Live 4/18. Video by Meno.
Swtor Provectus HM Tyth - Valley of the Machine
Kill With Provectus -- Watch live at
Ninerfett OffOne of our 8m Veteran Mode Kills of Tyth on PTS. Video by Catlikethief.
Tyth 8m Veteran SWTOR
First boss in the new content Wave 8m Veteran mode
Clickxx MemberWe accept all gender identities here. We do not discriminate.
Clickxx Memberur all gay
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